Northern Baptist ‘Kingmakers’ meet to select future presidents

SEATTLE, Wash. – Northern Baptist Convention (NBC) ‘Kingmakers’ met this week in Seattle to determine the next 30 years of NBC presidents.  The meeting comes a week before the convention’s annual meeting, held this year June 10-11 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Kingmakers is a secret society of high profile Convention pastors and executives who meet irregularly to control the direction of the NBC.  Their chief role is to select, groom, and nominate Convention presidents who will implement the Kingmakers’ Strategic Plan without hesitation.

Though the week’s meetings are held at undisclosed locations, many believe they will be staged at various 4 1/2- and 5-star restaurants in the Seattle area.  Washington resident, April Wilson, an 18-year old waitress at P.F. Chang’s, claims to have spotted a meeting at her restaurant on Tuesday.

“I waited on a table of overweight men in really nice suits.  You know, the ones with the shirts that are soft blues and yellows, with the white collars…and cuff links,” Wilson said.

Asked if the group of men were cordial, Wilson replied, “They were okay, but they were ‘camped-out’ for, like, an hour after they finished eating.”

“Plus, my tip was weak because they didn’t order any alcohol, not to mention that one guy left me a tract instead of money,” bemoaned Wilson, a Shoreline Community College sophomore.

Asked if she heard what they were talking about, Wilson reported, “they were, like, talking about some guy and wondering what his health would be like in 20 years.”

In Indianapolis next week, the Kingmakers will nominate Donny Shunt, a mega-church pastor from Woodstock, Illinois as NBC president.  If elected, Shunt will be up for the traditional second year re-election.  The society’s original nomination, R. Halbert Molar, Jr., president of the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, was sidelined due to health issues.  Molar will likely be the 2010 and 2011 nominee.

During their Seattle meetings, the Kingmakers undoubtedly discussed a strategy for the possibility of an average messenger nominating an average small town pastor for President of the NBC.  The society was taken off-guard by such a nomination in 2004 that saw a no-name pastor receive 20 percent of the vote.

Meetings wrapped up Friday morning, to allow the Kingmakers to return to their respective cities and campaign for Shunt during Sunday services.         


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