Hasbro Unveils Enviro-Friendly Easy-Bake Oven

Pawtucket, R.I. – On Monday, Hasbro Inc. announced a new and improved version of the classic Easy-Bake Oven.  The updated version of the best-selling toy oven, originally manufactured in 1963 by Kenner Products, contains many earth-friendly features, and is marketed towards environmentally conscious youngsters and their parents.

The new “green” oven, is now actually green, replacing the traditional mustard color.  Though the shell, made from recycled plastics, was painted in China, Hasbro assures customers that the paint contains no lead.

The most significant change in the Enviro-Friendly version is the heating element, with the standard 100 watt light bulb being replaced by a 25 watt compact flourescent light bulb (CFL).

“We realized that by using incandescent bulbs, the traditional oven was not only heating up little cakes, but was also responsible for heating up the globe,” explains Mark Newland, Hasbro’s Product Development Manager.  “According to the consensus of all scientists everywhere, the use of these light bulbs has led to global climate change,” added Newland. 

“By using energy-efficient CFLs as the heating element in the new ovens, Hasbro is doing its part to reduce carbon footprints among toy users,” announced Newland to wild applause and the flashing of hundreds of cameras at Monday’s press conference. 

However, not all reviews of the latest Easy-Bake Oven have been favorable.  Skye Parker, a 10-year old from New Haven, Connecticut received a beta version from Hasbro last month.  “It was really bad,” said Skye.  “I wanted to make cookies, so I put the dough in the oven and turned it on.  I checked on it every hour for a whole day, and it never even got hot,” reported the young reviewer, who eventually gave up.  “I wanted to just go ahead and eat the raw cookie dough, but my mom said I couldn’t because it would give me worms.” 

When reached for comment, a Hasbro spokesperson suggested that perhaps the young girl did not follow the manufacturers directions and, instead, mistakenly used a cookie dough that was not certified organic.


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